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REPORTING A HOMPHOBIC INCIDENT IN NOTTS If it is an emergency, use 999, otherwise use the 101 number.

If, with your help, the police prosecute the person responsible, it is now possible to prevent your name being revealed through reports of court proceedings. If police action is taken, make sure that you mention the homophobic nature of the offence, as the judge will now take that into account as an “aggravating factor” which should be reflected in a more serious sentence.

If you don’t want to contact the police in person, you can still report incidents anonymously. This can be helpful, as it will provide the police with information that incidents are happening at a particular place/time.

If you need support after being the victim of an incident or while going through court proceedings, Victim Care have specialist Hate crime services ACROSS Nottinghamshire, staffed by caseworkers and supported by specially trained volunteers. We provide one-to-one emotional and practical support for victims who have experienced hate crime, whether or not it has been reported to the police.

Telephone: 0800 304 7575 Email:

STOP HATE CRIME UK 0800 138 1625 (24 hour helpline)

Stop Hate UK has launched (Summer 2015) a national 24 hour a day helpline for LGB&T hate crime victims. Anyone experiencing LGB&T Hate Crime or incidents, or witnesses a Hate Crime or incident, wherever they live, can access an independent third party;

  • To report, or receive support to report, the crime or incident
  • To receive immediate emotional support
  • To receive information and advice from a team of expert Hate Crime advisors
  • And/or be referred to the police either anonymously or with full details for investigation
  • And/or be referred local support agencies such as LGB&T, housing, social care, health and legal organisations wherever appropriate

TRUE VISION The website contains advice and guidance and explains clearly what a hate crime is and that includes internet hate crime.

You can report hate crimes online, if you do not want to report directly to the police. The police take hate crime very seriously and will record and investigate this offence even if you do not want to give your details. You can locate True Vision at

NEEDING A SOLICITOR Notts LGBT+ Network has a list of sympathetic solicitors. Contact us for details.

NOTTS POLICE LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL AND TRANS* SUPPORT Provides information on Nottinghamshire Police’s commitment to supporting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* (LGBT) community.

links to several local services and advice on reporting LGBT hate crimes.

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