Notts LGBT+ Network stats


Each year we analyse every contact to our helpline. We allocate each contact to a category or categories and try to determine the demographics of:

  •   Age
  •   Sexual orientation
  •   Ethnicity
  •   Gender
  •   Geographical location
  •   Disability
  •   Faith

and also where they found our details.

This is set out in part of our annual report. See the details HERE

Though phone calls are important, these days more people contact us by other means, mainly e-mail but also texting and instant messaging and through messages on Facebook.

The reasons why people contact us have changed in emphasis over the past few years. Thankfully fewer people have “problems” (though those “problems” still exist) and more people contact us to ask us to spread the news about things that they are doing. This might be starting a new group or publicising a long-standing group, distributing a survey, announcing a social event, informing people about a support service.

In addition to the helpline, we reach many people through other routes

  • Our bimonthly free newsletter QB.
  • Our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages reach over 3000 people
  • We interact with a significant number of people at events such as Pride or on training sessions
  • This website gets many thousands of contacts each year
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